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Functional Design
Mguchi is a software system framework upon which customised solutions are built.   Functionaly it is based on the principle that all information is sourced from Documents which produce Entries according to predefined Rules.
Processes Documents Entries and Rules
Processes are any activity that generate documents, be it extracting data from an ftp site, confirming an order, running a month end procedure, etc.
Processes can be manually triggered or triggered automatically by an event such as a particular time of day, or the successful completion of a previous process.
A Document is a representation of anything that affects the management or accounting information relevant to a business, be it an invoice, a share purchase, the mark-to-market of a bond, etc.
Documents contain information that can be used to generate Entries according to a set of rules.
A Rule for an Invoice could, for example, state that the amount of the Invoice be debited to [Purchases] and the same amount be credited to [Creditors].
Entries, when combined, represent logical information of a business, such as a balance sheet, trade schedule, position report, etc.
The Mguchi framework provides the infrastructure to handle the generation of Documents from Processess and the generation of Entries from Documents according to defined Rules.   The customisation of any system involves the identification of what Processes represent the logical functioning of the business, what Documents represent the commitments of the business, and what Entries need to be generated to correctly represent the accounting and management information required by the business.